Established in 1985, EIMTRADE, S.A. is a Spanish company specialized in the export of all type of products related with the Defense and Security equipment.
Inscribed into the Business Register of Madrid Nº I, Volume 862, General 836, of Section 3 of the Registrar Companies, Folio 64, Sheet number 68822-I.

Most of our activities are concentrated in the Kingdom of Morocco with a branch in the city of Rabat, and workshops in Casablanca for maintenance and repair 4th and 5th Echelon, and also upgrading of military vehicles.

EIMTRADE, S.A. is entered into the special Register of Exporters of Defense Material and Dual-Use Products and Technology with number 145.

EIMTRADE, S.A. is certified under the ISO 9001:2008.

Chairman: D. José Manuel Simón Alvela
CEO: D. Juan Antonio Ibañez Izquierdo
Commercial Manager: D. Angel Presmanes de Arizmendi